How to Style Your Ensuite

Styling your home often leads to neglecting your ensuite, which is hidden within the master bedroom and is seldom seen or visited by guests.

Even though ensuites are usually designed for functionality and may have limited space and opportunities for decoration, it is still possible to be creative.

To style your ensuite successfully, it is important to establish a seamless connection with the master bedroom. This can be done by using the same colors and design elements, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing space.

Here are some valuable suggestions on how to decorate your ensuite and enhance the overall look of your bedroom.

Bathroom towels & bath mats  

Because you have limited space in your bathroom, it is important for your decorations to be both fashionable and practical. Your en suite should have small towels for the sink, larger towels for use with the shower and bathtub (if you have one), and at least one mat for safety purposes.

Although they may have a functional purpose, your bathroom towels and bath mats will likely play a significant role in the overall decoration of your en suite. It is crucial to carefully choose the appropriate colors and styles for these items, as they will establish the ambiance for the entire area.

Colour selection

Go to your main bedroom and examine the colors that are currently used. If the colors are mostly light and neutral, you should select bathroom towels and mats that have softer shades. Consider using gentle grays, muted beiges, and faded greens. Another option is to choose white towels for a clean and timeless appearance.

To create a darker, more intense atmosphere in your bedroom with a predominantly one-color scheme, carefully observe your decorations and pay attention to the small hints of color. This could be a subtle touch of mustard in your artwork or a delicate burst of pink in a floral arrangement. You can infuse these colors into your bathroom by using brightly colored towels and bath mats.

Regardless of the appearance and atmosphere of your bedroom, you have two options for your ensuite: either continue with similar colors to create a cohesive look, or opt for contrasting colors that complement your current décor. You can coordinate everything from hand towels to bath mats with the same color scheme or play around with lighter and darker shades within that palette.

Towel styling and placement

After choosing your preferred colors, the next task is to determine the design and arrangement of your bathroom towels. If you aim to match a clean and simple bedroom, you can opt for folding the towels neatly and arranging them in a pile on either shelves or a movable holder.

If your bedroom has a more extravagant design, you can mimic the technique used by hotels and spas by rolling your towels into cylindrical bundles. You can then place these rolled towels on your vanity benchtop or beside your bathtub, either on the available surface or on an extra stool.

If your bedroom has a warm and comfortable appearance, you have the option to hang your bath towels on a wall hook and let them hang down naturally. Another approach is to arrange and overlap the towels on your towel rack, creating a relaxed and messy style.

Material & Texture

Pay attention to the different textures that are present in your main bedroom. Do you have a fake fur rug placed on your bed or spread out across the floor? Alternatively, maybe you have a thick, knitted blanket adorned with decorative pompoms. You can replicate this rich and cozy aesthetic in your attached bathroom by using thicker and softer materials for your towels and mats.

If you own sheets made of linen or a quilt with a washed-out appearance, you can carry on the same minimalist style in your ensuite. Opt for cotton towels that allow air to pass through, featuring plain edging or a border with straight lines, to uphold a simplistic look.

If you want a comfortable and contemporary bedroom, consider choosing gentle textured patterned cotton towels to give a subtle yet visually captivating element to your attached bathroom.

Bathroom décor

The towels and mats in your bathroom will establish the basis for your ensuite design, while the decorative accessories will enhance the overall appearance.

Once again, aiming for both practical and fashionable pieces, you have the power to shape the appearance and atmosphere of your ensuite by selecting soap or soap dispensers, toothbrushes, and tumblers thoughtfully.

When choosing colors for your bedroom, it is important to consider the overall style and design. If your bedroom has many soft and curved edges, it would be best to opt for soap dispensers that have rounded shapes. Conversely, if your bedroom has a lot of angular and straight lines, you might prefer rectangular or square shaped accessories.

You can also choose to enhance the ambiance by adding candles for a calming and peaceful atmosphere, or indoor plants to bring warmth to the room. You have the choice of opting for native Australian flowers and plants arranged in a natural and uneven style, or a dense collection of peonies for a more symmetrical appearance. The decision ultimately relies on the interior design of your master bedroom and what will perfectly enhance its style.

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